Ticket Prices

I hope I will live to see football watched by every housewife and child – make the tickets £10, £5. Watching football should be like breathing air – free of charge.” – Assem Allam talking to BBC Radio Humberside in 2010

Feb 2014: Ehab Allam “whilst (raising ticket prices) may provide a short-term revenue lift, we do not believe that constantly raising prices is a viable long-term option.”

After the name change was rejected in April 2014 Allam raises season ticket prices for the 2014/15 season by nearly 30%. The highest priced season ticket rises from £450 to £572 and the price of an adult ticket for ‘Category A’ matches rises to £50. Disabled concessions are scrapped and the age of the Senior price band is raised from 60 to 65 years.


Speaking in February 2015 after the Premier League negotiate a record breaking TV deal Assem Allam rules out a price cut “If you have 23,000 happily paying what they pay now, to reduce it you are not helping others… The only way to reduce prices is to create more fans by increasing capacity… but you need money to build the stadium – 10,000 seats will cost £20m.”

April 2015: Hundreds of visiting Liverpool supporters protest against the £50 tickets having been charged £35 for the same seats the season before. Some adult fans buy child tickets and boycott the match entirely.

After relegation to the Championship for 2015/16, Hull City season tickets are again raised by an average of 6%. The highest renewal price (West Stand Adult) is now £606.

The BBC Price of Football survey confirms that Hull City cheapest 2014/15 season ticket at £531 is by far the highest in the Championship.

BBC News Price of Football 2015

Jan 2016: Despite falling home attendances Allam removes cash turnstiles from the KC Stadium, anyone wanting to pay on the day (or buy in person in advance) are forced to use ticket machines which charge a booking fee of £2.00 per ticket.

March 2016: Ehab Allam annouces details of a “fairer and simpler” Membership Scheme to replace season tickets. It will mean price reductions for most adults but sees the removal of all concessions for OAPs, Children and the 16-22 age group. All stands now have different priced zones.



(Last Updated: 16/03/2016)