Away Supporters Initiative


The Away Supporters Initiative (ASI) was an agreement between Premier League clubs to spend £200,000 on improving the away supporters experience.

Most clubs use this to offer free travel to away games or subsidise away tickets for their fans.

During the 2013/14 the club subsidised away tickets and/or travel for several Hull City away games.

During the 2014/15 season the Fans’ Working Group were asked by the club’s commercial manager how it should be spent, the fans requested the ASI money be used to reduce the ticket prices of away matches to encourage more fans to travel and support the team.

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April 2015: Ehab Allam admits they’ve spent none of the ASI money on their own fans this season “We haven’t done that because it is not compliant with the regulations set out in the ASI document written by the Premier League

The initiative is about improving the experience for away supporters at your home ground. It is not supposed to be meant as a subsidy for your own fans, and a selection of your own fans at that, to attend away matches

I don’t want to be selective about which group of my own fans I am going to support more than a different group, that’s fundamentally wrong. Why would I support one group of my fan base and not another?


May 2015: The Club give all Hull City fans a free scarf at the Tottenham away match. Fans on ‘Tiger Travel’ coaches are also given vouchers for a free drink and food item each at the stadium (apparently paid for out of Tiger Travel profits).

Despite been asked on several occasions it took weeks for the Allams to make a statement about where the money was spent. The spending of the ASI money clearly went against the spirit of the original agreement and how other clubs used it. 

March 2016: All 20 Premier League Clubs agree to replace the ASI with a cap of £30 on away tickets for the next 3 years starting from the 2016/17 season.

Of course Ehab Allam disagrees with this unanimous decision to help supporters…

I see the price cap as short-sighted, politically-motivated and not in the interests of football. Politics, such as when a Government working group recently pushed fan ownership, should not be mixed with football at this level.

What will happen next? The black market will flourish. At £30 per ticket, most clubs are going to be over-subscribed when it comes to fans applying for tickets.

As a football club, why should we sell a ticket to someone for £30 and they then sell it on for £50 or £60? That can’t be right.

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