Has Allam gone yet?


“If the community say go away, I promise to go away within 24 hours
Assem Allam, January 2014

Hours passed since Allam’s name change was rejected 11th July 2015:

1729 days 22 hours 35 minutes 34 seconds


June 2016: Allam provisionally agrees to sell the club to a US consortium headed by banker Peter Grieve for around £80m, but the deal breaks down allegedly after Allam asks for more money for the Stadium Management Company.

September 2016: Allam agrees a sale price of £120m with a Chinese consortium headed by Dai Yongge. The FA block the sale after a member(s) of the consortium fails their “fit and proper owners” test. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/37312166

October 2016: A Chinese consortium named ‘Greater China Professional Services Limited’ with links to former Chairman Adam Pearson claims it has agreed a conditional £130m takeover. But subsequently fails to raise the finance.

November 2016: A US/Chinese consortium named ‘New City Capital’ headed by Chien Lee (Chairman of French club Nice) offers to buy at least 60% of the club but the Allams turn down the offer.

“We are not that close (to a sale) unfortunately because there are a few things not in our favour… Mainly the stadium is not owned by the club and some fans give the impression they are very militant. So it is not attractive at the minute for buyers, but I am definitely hopeful” – Assem Allam, November 2017

October 2018: Former Chairman Paul Duffen backed by a Saudi backed consortium enters negotiations to buy the club. Asking price is rumoured to be £45m. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45752946 

Two other parties are also said to be interested including US Blockchain company SportyCo https://news.sportyco.io/2018/10/09/sportyco-backed-by-uk-us-investor-consortium-and-hull-city-supporters-trust-preparing-45-million-bid-for-hull-city-afc/