Assem Allam

Assem Allam

Assem Allam arrived in Hull from Egypt in the 1960’s after fleeing President Nassers regime.

I couldn’t swallow the idea that a dictator had the right to dictate” Assem Allam, The Guardian, May 2014.

He is the owner of Allam Marine, an industrial generator manufacturer based near Hull. In Nov 2010 Allam obtained complete shareholding control of Hull City AFC. In the 2014 Sunday Times ‘Rich List’ he was estimated to be worth £320m.

The Good

  • Saves Hull City AFC from probable administration and possible liquidation
  • Injects £40m to write-off debts and invests in new players and training facilites.
  • Hires a capable manager in Steve Bruce and backs him in the transfer market
  • Oversees promotion to the Premier League and the club’s first appearance in the FA Cup final and Europa Cup qualifying rounds

The Bad

No one on earth is allowed to question my business decisions – I won’t allow it” – Assem Allam

  • Cash injections are loans from Allamhouse Ltd. charged at 4% per annum, the debt to Allam rises to over £77m.
  • No consultation with supporters before applying to change the team name.
  • No business case presented to the FA for the name change
  • Increases season ticket prices over 30% in 2 years.
  • Increases ‘Category A’ adult tickets to £50 for Premier League matches
  • Redesigns the club badge without consulting fans (as promised) removing the team name “Hull City AFC”
  • Re-brands the club’s Social Media accounts as “Hull Tigers”.
  • Removes the team name “Hull City” from the front of the matchday programme.
  • Removes season ticket concessions for Disabled, OAPs, Students and Children.

The Ugly

How can they call themselves fans, these hooligans, this militant minority… They can die as soon as they want” – Assem Allam, 1st December 2013

  • Falls out with Hull City Council over plans to develop the KC Stadium
  • Mocks the club’s 109 year old name “My dislike for the word ‘City’ is because it is common… City is a lousy identity“.
  • Adds a loaded question to the poll of season ticket holders “Yes to Hull Tigers with the Allam’s continuing to run the club / No To Hull Tigers“.
  • Has a history of Broken Promises & Lies
  • Repeatedly threatens to sell the club if not allowed to make the decisions. “When I say something, I mean it. I don’t call bluffs”
  • Evicts local sports clubs from the Council owned Airco Arena.
  • Refuses to spend the Away Supporters Initiative money on subsidising away tickets as requested by the Fans Working Group.
  • Refuses to consult further with Supporters Groups over the Membership Scheme.

(Last Updated: 05/05/2016)