Allam Out!

Who is Allam?

Assem Allam is the current owner and Chairman of Hull City Association Football Club. His son Ehab Allam is the Vice Chairman.

Allam purchased the club in 2010 saving it from administration. “My vision is for Hull City to be owned 40 per cent by local business owners from Hull and 60 per cent the fans.” Ehab added “A longer term aspiration is to provide the opportunity for the fans to become shareholders.” 

Published accounts (end June 2016) show the football club owe his company Allamhouse Ltd over £77m in loans which are being charged at 4% interest.

Read more about Assem Allam – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and his son Ehab Allam – Roll of Shame.

What’s he done?

In 2013 Allam applied to the FA to change the playing name from “Hull City” to “Hull Tigers” for the 2014/15 season. A poll of season ticket holders failed to return a majority for the name change. No other fans poll has been in favour of the change.

In April 2014 The FA council voted against the application. Allam appealed the decision and despite claiming they would be no further application re-applies for the name change for the 2015/16 season. It is rejected again by the FA.

I said last April that if my plan to call us Hull Tigers failed, I would go. And, when I say I’m out, that means I’m out. I say to the fans ‘if you don’t like Hull Tigers, I go.’” – Assem Allam, September 2014

In April 2016 the Allams replace the traditional season ticket with an unpopular Membership Scheme which sees the removal of concessions for OAPs, Students & Children and forces many fans to move seats.

After promotion to the Premier League Steve Bruce, City’s most successful manager ever, resigns after a disagreement with Vice Chairman Ehab Allam over transfer policy.

Why should he go?

  • Allam pressed ahead with the name change without the backing of the majority of supporters. The re-branding issue divided the fans and created a negative atmosphere around the club.
  • The membership scheme as been deeply unpopular and has seen attendances fall with many fans boycotting home games.
  • There are also other issues concerning the KC Stadium, Airco Arena evictions, Ticket Prices and Away Supporters Initiative
  • And there’s been a number of Broken Promises & Lies

Hull City fans have never felt more disconnected from their football club. Allam may own the business but a football club is more than just a business and he is only the temporary custodian of Hull City AFC.

Who do we want?

  1. A Chairman who will protect the heritage and traditions of Hull City AFC and football in general.
  2. A Chairman who will work WITH the Council to develop the KC Stadium and surroundings for the benefit of the club AND local community.
  3. A Chairman who respects ALL Hull City supporters and consults with fans groups over fundamental issues including team name, club badge, colours and ticketing.

Is this too much to ask for?

Football supporters should be consulted and respected NOT ignored and exploited!

Twitter Hashtag: #AllamOut

It’s been a long 24 hours… Has Allam gone yet?

  • Martin

    About time someone took some action against this bully. He has insulted the fantastic people of Hull trod on our communities thinking he can buy whom ever he wants.
    May I suggest the banner gets displayed but we concentrate on supporting the team until we are safe than let the evil Allam’s know we as proud people of Hull will not be bullied or sell our soul’s for wealth on a massive vociferous demonstration until we are rid of the demon’s

  • Paleface

    Taxi for Allam.

  • Richard Mathers

    I understand your stance Martin and we’re all behind Steve Bruce and the players.
    But enough is enough with our dictatorial owner and it’s time to let him know at noise levels he’s never heard before.
    I’ve been going since 1977 and have never, (yes even at the bottom of division 4), suffered such disenchantment and felt so distant from a club I’ve loved for decades.
    This man has no right to destroy the fans or OUR club!

  • Dean R. Brown

    Sadly its the way football has become and its now breeding these arrogant individuals….. I went for years to watch City but felt the Premier League product is not worth the money and I refuse to follow blindly.
    My Son still attends with my Dad but is not from next season as he is concentrating on playing but my Dad has all but given up (A man who has been non stop since the 60s)… Football is taking fans for mugs and Allam is a big part of that…… Hard to say which is worse, the state of the game in general or the state of Hull City under the guidance of Allam. Alienating fans is certainly Allams biggest flaw , I know that much!

    Well done on the website. Nice to see all the info in one place….

  • Stuart West

    If our stay in the Premier League comes to an end, I believe, Mr Allam has got to take the largest share of the blame.

  • Angie Smith

    The campaigners at Citytillwedie and now the HCST have always been fair and inoffensive – I should know as they have often told me off for being too aggresive! But the Allams have bullied, blackmailed and bribed to get what they want. They have shown contempt for anyone who opposes them. Time to fight back! Give them hell at Palace – for the love of football – Allams out!

  • Dennis

    Allam has shown his self up too many times now to be taken seriously. Pettiness is the only long term memory supporters will have of him. An example of him being petty was taking down the Hull F.C. pictures from the stadium. That to me showed him in his true light.

  • City fan

    Isn’t the son marrying a porn star from Swanland?

  • Bad Cheese

    Here we are, 2 years later, and he’s still bloody here.